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November 04, 2008


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This message is spot on. I hope this reaches people outside of California as well. People need constant reminder that natural "disasters" aren't always disasters...

Martin Hamburger

The spot is simple and effective. It really makes the point that controlled burns are really useful for managing all types of lands. He puts the emphasis where it should be -- on safety, clean water and habitat for wildlife.

It's a great choice to use a rancher as the messenger for the spot. Research shows these kind of first person testimonials are the most effective way to carry the message to the general public. This spot should be really effective in helping people to understand how they can protect the Mendocino!

Dave Metz

This ad gets the message across clearly and directly. All of the public opinion research I've seen -- both nationally and along the North Coast -- shows that local residents really understand the importance of using controlled burns to maintain both forest health and public safety.

John Roth

Gool work with your effort to inform the public of the value of management burning. Yor message is effective. However, I believe that the term "control burn" is outdated. The correct term, as you use it, should be "prescribed burn". The term controlled burn was changed after the Yellowstone fires of 1988. You may also be interested to know that there will soon be another change in fire management that will, among other things, make another change in terminology. Fires will then be managed as planned or unplanned ignitions.

Thanks again for your good work.

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